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Events > October 2017

Mind Your Career Webinar: Joining the Resistance
Thursday, 10/12/17 at 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Working With Unpleasant People

Mind Your Career: How Can We Prepare For Working Alongside Artificial Intelligence?
Tuesday, 10/24/17 at 12:00pm - 1:00pm
You may have heard the famous Marc Andreessen quote that 'software is eating the world.' But what do we do when Artificial Intelligence is eating software? Should we be fearful? What will our jobs look like and what can we do to prepare?

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Career Month: Trends in Online Marketing From an Industry Expert
11/17/17, 12:00pm
Join us to hear from alumnus, David Rodnitzky, AB'95, CEO of 3Q Digital. 3Q Digital is a team of 200+ rock star/ninja/guru online marketing pros who manage $500,000,000 of annual media for their clients.
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Career Month: Balance is Bogus: Integrating Life & Work
11/16/17, 12:00pm
Executive Coach, Tony Mayo, AB'77 MBA'78 returns as a webinar presenter to share his insights on the concept of "work-life balance".
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Career Month: Creative Careers in Tourism
11/15/17, 12:00pm
Hear from Executive Director and Founder of Chicago Detours, Amanda Scotese, AM'13, on how to have a side job or career in the growing niche of hyperlocal tourism.
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Career Month: A Perspective on the Energy Industry with Jennifer Montague
11/14/17, 12:00pm
Join us to hear from dual alumna, Jennifer Montague, LAB'87 MBA'97, as she shares her perspective on working in the fields of petrochemicals/oil and gas and utilities.
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Career Month: Working for International Financial Institutions: A Primer
11/13/17, 12:00pm
Join us to hear from alumnus, Rodrigo Garcia-Verdu, AM'98 PhD'02, as he takes us through a career as a Senior Economist at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC.
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Career Month: Everything Is Negotiable
11/10/17, 12:00pm
Tips for engaging in effective salary negotiations
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Career Month: Résumé Like A Millennial!
11/9/17, 12:00pm
Are you a "not-so-recent" grad who thinks, "Maybe my résumé needs a refresh to get the attention I deserve based on my experience and skills"? Join us to hear from alumnus, Mic Fleming, who provides human resource solutions for small businesses.
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Career Month: Building Your Career Compass
11/8/17, 12:00pm
Interview strategies so that you make the best impression and learn what to ask to see if the organization is a good fit for you.
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Career Month: Strengths, Strategy, Action
11/7/17, 12:00pm
Improve your performance through strengths
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Career Month: Chicago Booth, College, and Law School Admissions Panel
11/6/17, 12:00pm
Join us to hear from deans of admission: Kurt Ahim, MBA'09 the Booth School of Business, James G. Nondorf, the College, and Ann Killian Perry, the Law School. This event will be LIVE ONLY - no recording will be made available to registrants.
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