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Two Cents: Career Transitions
Wednesday, 02/28/18 at 12:00pm - 1:00pm ...5 days away!

Mind Your Career Webinar: Dual Role of CEOs
Wednesday, 03/14/18 at 1:00pm
Business leaders who happen to be Lawyers. The Changing Role of the General Counsel, The Legal Profession & the Practice of Law

Mind Your Career: How to Negotiate Your Salary
Wednesday, 03/28/18 at 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Get Equal Pay, One Woman* at a Time

Mind Your Career: Life After Success
Wednesday, 05/2/18 at 12:00pm - 1:00pm
How to know when you've achieved your goals, how to enjoy it and what to do next

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Mind Your Career Webinar: Leading Yourself and Others Through Change
02/21/18, 12:00pm
Change is inevitable. Successful professionals must navigate unforeseen challenges and opportunities to succeed in their roles.
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Mind Your Career Webinar: Considering a Long-term Career Transition
02/13/18, 12:00pm
Some people make a career transition, while others consider a transition and decide against it. We will explore both possibilities and methods for determining what is best for you and your career.
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Mind Your Career: We Need to Talk
01/31/18, 12:00pm
Strategies for Communication Effectiveness in the 2018 Workplace
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UChicagoConnect - New Year, New Resume
01/22/18, 12:00pm
UChicago Career Coaches offer Resume Reviews
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Graham School Webinar: Ins and Outs of the Medical Publishing Cycle
01/16/18, 6:00pm
While aspiring medical writers and editors must have the skills, education, and motivation to succeed, one of the greatest qualities is the ability to interpret, analyze, and view information at both comprehensive and granular levels.
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Mind Your Career: Resumes That Resonate
01/11/18, 12:00pm
Any well-written resume follows a standard set of guidelines, but to get noticed by discerning employers you need to more than meet the guideline. You need to write a resume that resonates.
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Mind Your Career: Shifting The Paradigm of Change for Attorneys
12/12/17, 12:00pm
Join us as we hear from attorney and certified professional coach, Amy Gardner, JD'02 and mental health expert and founder of International High Achievers, Jinnie Cristerna, AM'99.
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Transitioning from Academia
12/5/17, 12:00pm
Join myCHOICE Director, Abby Stayart, AB'97, PhD'12 in a discussion about using your PhD beyond academia.
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Career Month: Nonprofit Essentials
11/30/17, 12:00pm
Join us to hear from nonprofit serial executive, Kweli Kwaza, AM'11. Live a rich life by being a lifelong giver of life!
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Career Month: Campaign Strategy
11/28/17, 12:00pm
Heather Booth, AB'67, AM'70, is one of the leading strategists about progressive issue and electoral campaigns.
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