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Career Month: Strengths, Strategy, Action
Improve your performance through strengths

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You’ve probably heard about Strengths-based leadership – come find out what all the buzz is about! Join certified executive coach and strengths expert, Tomer Yogev (MBA ’10) of TandemSpring and start on your own strengths journey. Learn how you can identify and leverage your strengths, develop a strengths-based plan, and elevate yourself to the next levels of performance.

Bio: Tomer Yogev cofounded executive coaching firm TandemSpring where he works with leading entrepreneurs and corporate innovators on strengths-based approaches to refine strategy, culture, operations, and leadership. Prior to TandemSpring Tomer had launched or colaunched over a dozen companies, participated in multiple acquisitions, earned a Booth MBA, did a stint in venture capital, and became a noted expert on entrepreneurship and innovation. Proudly married to his amazing wife, Monika, Tomer resides in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago where he quietly laments the loss of his community’s artistic soul, but will just as soon go to a hipster vegan cafe and walk his dogs, Sami and Maiko, along The 606.
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Lucie Sandel

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Tuesday, Nov 7 2017 at 12:00pm - 1:00pm [ iCal ]

12 PM CT Online, Webinar