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Leveraging LinkedIn

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 | 12pm-1pm CT

The November installment of our “Mind Your Career” webinar series featured career coach Daisy Swan, AM’91. This webinar highlighted what LinkedIn is all about and why it is so important for you and the life of your career.

Daisy shared information on:

  • Best practices for creating your most effective profile
  • Recommendations: why you want them and how to get them
  • Endorsements and why they matter
  • Getting connected with others, and most importantly, staying connected



About the presenter, Daisy Swan, AM'91:

Daisy Swan is a global career coach and teacher for the past 24 years helping clients to discover their most authentic way of living and working. Her book, Making Work Work: Secrets from A Career Coach’s Office was published in 2012. Known for her whole person coaching style Daisy has worked with thousands of clients from a wide array of professional and creative fields, as well as countries, working in person, remotely and in class settings, guiding clients to find satisfying and strategic ways to manage their careers, or to reconnect to their interests and values to find new, successful and fulfilling ways of living and working. A contributing writer to many local and national publications including the Huffington Post, Christian Science Monitor, The New York Post, and, she has also appeared on TV and radio as a guest expert.

Daisy holds a BA from Loyola University in Chicago and a Master’s Degree from University of Chicago. She has traveled to many countries and is known for her adventurous and curious spirit and love of learning.